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More than models

Learning to fold specific models is fine for conventions, but I'm here to teach tried-and-true technique and theory so you can understand tessellations on a deeper level.

Once you understand tessellations you'll be able to reverse engineer them from photos, recognize which ones will be harder or easier to fold, and start designing your own patterns.

I emphasize folding twist-based tessellations directly from a grid - no precreasing or difficult collapse needed!

Even while teaching specific models, I always point out global patterns that help with folding many tessellations.

I offer a variety of training formats from individual tutoring to live courses to self-study, over a range of tessellation skill levels from absolute beginner to designer.

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Gathering Folds Courses

For a structured environment to level up your skills and a community to share the journey.

Suitable for all levels, organized in ascending level of difficulty.

Tessellation Foundations

Recorded, Free

5 recorded lessons

  • Learn to fold square, triangle, and 45 degree grids
  • Learn common pleat intersections
  • Learn to cut hexagons from squares and rectangles
  • Learn to fold any odd division on any grid type
  • Learn to recognize and fold single twists

Basic Twists Bootcamp

Recorded, Live Office Hours

10 recorded lessons, monthly office hours

  • Learn to fold the 8 basic twists with simple practice tessellations
  • Learn the 7 simplest tilings and how to fold in them
  • Get your questions answered in live office hour sessions
  • Join a community of like-minded folders
  • Learn to fold tessellations on your own from crease patterns

Project Planning Masterclass

Recorded, Yearly Live Updates

5 hours recorded so far

  • Learn common symmetry patterns
  • Learn criteria for choosing a center for a tessellation
  • Learn how to control borders with natural tiling breaks
  • Learn to align repeating elements with the edge of the paper with rotated grids
  • Learn to fold triangle-centered grids on hexagons

Tessellations By Tiles


24 sessions, 12 office hours, 24 weeks

  • Learn to fold and design tessellations on 20 tiling patterns
  • Learn to apply symmetries to tilings in multiple ways
  • Gain access to a library of over 100 tessellations of varying levels
  • Learn to reverse engineer tessellations from photos
  • Join an encouraging community of tessellation folders

Advanced Twist Techniques

Recorded, Yearly Live Updates

Annual lectures, 3 office hours, 60+ crease patterns, design templates

  • Learn to fold a variety of advanced twists
  • Learn where each kind of twist can be used
  • Learn to expand symmetries with design equations
  • Get the tools to design with advanced twists
  • Gain access to a library of 60+ crease patterns using these techniques

One-on-one Tutoring

For immediate feedback and a customized training plan to reach the tessellation of your dreams.

Suitable for any level of tessellation folder.

Learn the Foundations of Tessellations in Five Free Lectures

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Patterns and Products

Purchase individual origami tessellation crease patterns and pattern packs.

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Purchase individual fabric smocking patterns and pattern packs.

Starting at $4

Purchase framed tessellations and other finished products.

Starting at $47

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