About me

Hi, I’m Madonna! I can't wait to help you fold the tessellations of your dreams.

I've been folding origami for 15 years, and tessellations for the last four years. I started solidly in the representational camp (although I could not have told you that there were other options at the time!) with simple animal models from the few books I could get my hands on and a couple fold-a-day calendars. At the end of high school, I won a modular origami book from a math competition, which set me off on a modular kick for four years, lasting until the end of undergrad.

Finally, I switched to tessellations when two factors converged: my final project for Eric Demaine's Geometric Folding Algorithms course was essentially on tessellations (designing triangular and hexagonal grid maze gadgets) and I had an internship in Israel for four months after graduation. You can't bring back a suitcase full of modulars, but you can put four months of tessellations in a very small box. My conversion to tessellations was completed a year later when I started having more design ideas than I knew what to do with and also learned the techniques to transfer many of these same tessellation designs into fabric.

I've been running my own origami business, Gathering Folds, full-time since early 2020. My main focus in Gathering Folds is tessellations - whether in paper or fabric - and how best to fold, teach, photograph, and display them. I've been diving into the depths of math and design to bring back the nuggets of wisdom that you can apply in your own folding - no matter what level you're at right now.

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