Summer of Twists

Learn 30 new twists this summer

Whether you're brand new to origami tessellations or have been folding them for years, Summer of Twists is a chance to practice the basic building blocks of tessellations - twists - so you can recognize them in crease patterns, fold them directly from the grid, and have fun while doing it!


  • 30 quick twist tutorials, moving from simpler to more complex twists
  • Video tutorials of larger patterns that include each twist, all available immediately
  • Crease patterns and images of the front and back of each twist
  • Weekly reminders to keep you on track!

There are also supplies of my favorite paper and an ebook including all the CPs of the longer video tutorials plus 30 challenge patterns available for purchase to help you put the information into action.

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Just Want the Ebook and Some Paper Without Reminders?

Ebook Details

This ebook is the companion to the Summer of Twists series of tutorials that teaches 30 different origami tessellation twists over 10 weeks.

There are links to video tutorials for half of the patterns in the ebook, with the other half serving as crease pattern reading challenges to make sure that you understand how to fold each twist on your own.

These patterns cover a wide range of difficulty levels, so they will continue to provide challenging fun for years to come as you build your origami tessellation folding skills.

Each of the 30 twists has an introductory page with crease patterns and folded forms with and without backlighting from both sides of the paper so you can study the twist in isolation before trying to identify it in the tessellation patterns.

All of the patterns except the two using cursed square twists can be folded directly from the grid without additional precreasing.

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Paper Pack Details

Kami is the most commonly known origami paper, but it's not suitable for learning origami tessellations.

Tant is another commonly available origami paper and it is suitable for tessellations but the bold colors bleach in the sun.

My students and I strongly prefer to use Skytone instead, which holds up to repeated creasing, resists tearing, backlights beautifully, and comes in a variety of gorgeous pastel shades.

On my website you'll find two main paper pack options:

  1. 50 Sheets Skytone Paper, with 50 sheets of 19x12.5 inch Skytone paper
  2. Full Paper Pack, with 75 sheets of 19x12.5 inch Skytone paper, a bone folder, large and mini acrylic hexagon cutting templates, clips for holding your pleats in place, and a red and blue two-sided colored pencil.

There are also small and medium hexagon cutting templates, paper cutting tools, and a 100 foot roll of butcher paper (more durable than kami, less durable than Skytone) available to add to your packs as needed.

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