Gathering Folds Gallery


Every piece here was designed and folded by Madonna Yoder (Gathering Folds) by hand - yes, including the background grid!

These origami tessellations are folded from a single sheet of paper with repeating geometric elements by using twists connected by pleats in structures called tilings.

These tessellations are organized by tiling so you can see the wide variety of possibilities in each structure.

If you'd like to learn more about each structure, sign up for my Tessellations by Tiles course here!

Hexagons and Triangles 6-fold Tiling

Square Tiling

Hex-Tri-Rhomb-Tri Tiling

Hex-Rhomb-Tri-Rhomb Tiling

Hexagons and Triangles 3-fold Tiling

Hex-Rhomb-Tri-Rhomb Expanded Tiling

Equilateral Triangles Tiling

Pinwheel Hex 2 (+ Expansion) Tiling

Star Rhombi and 2 Triangles Tiling

Mixed Squares and Right Triangles Tiling

Trapezoids Tiling

Split Rhombi 1 Tiling

Hex-Double Rhomb-Tri Tiling

Hexagons Tiling

Aligned Rhombi Tiling

Split (Hexagons and Triangles 6-fold) Tiling

Trapezoids and Big Triangles Tiling

Rhombus Ladder Tiling

Pinwheel Rhombus 2 Tiling

Large Squares and Right Triangles Tiling

Hexagons and Triangles 2-fold Tiling

8 and 4 Right Triangles Tiling

Right Triangle Pinwheels Tiling

Trapezoids and 6 Triangles Tiling

Hex-Tri-Rhomb-Tri Expanded Tiling

Galaxies Tiling

Mirror Chevron Rhombi Tiling

Triangle River Chevrons Tiling

Trapezoids and 12 Triangles Tiling

Star Rhombi with Trapezoid Pair Tiling

Star Rhombi and 6 Triangles Tiling

Hex-Tri-Rhomb-Tri Clusters Tiling

Pinwheel Hex 3 Tiling

Hexagon Trapezoid Pair 1 Tiling

Hex Trap Mixed Rhomb 1 Tiling

Hex Trap Mixed Rhomb 2 Tiling

Trap Big Tri Rotational Tiling

Mix-Hex Trap, Hex-Tri 3-fold Tiling

Hex Quad Rhomb Tri Tiling

Hexagon Triplets Tiling

Hex Tri 3-fold Expansion Tiling

Trap 6 Tri, Mixed Hex Tiling