Welcome to Advent of Tessellations!


We'll be getting this party started on December 1st, and going strong through Christmas Day.

Each day, a new tessellation tutorial and PDF will appear at the bottom of this page at midnight Eastern time (GMT-5).

Watch the video below for more details and for background info that won't be in the tutorials - aka how to cut a hexagon easily and precisely and how to fold a 16-fold grid on it.

 And join the community on Discord - we'd love to see how you're doing and give a helping hand.

If you're new to Discord, you'll need to create an account first and maybe click the link again to arrive in the Gathering Folds server. Once you're there, follow the directions in the #welcome-and-rules channel to see the #advent-of-tess channel!

One last thing - when you post these mini tesses to social media, please use #AdventOfTess so everyone can know where you learned it!

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While I don't have the exact paper pack options listed in the video anymore, I do have other options covering a wide range of functionality:

The Full Paper Pack has 75 sheets of 19x12.5 inch Skytone in various colors with the large and small hexagon templates, a bone folder, a bag of clips, and a red-and-blue colored pencil.

The medium and small hexagon templates are available separately.

Cutting tools are also available, including a 14x14 inch rotating cutting mat, a rotary cutter, and a clear quilting ruler.

Last but not least, 50 sheets of 19x12.5 inch Skytone paper are available on their own with a variety of colors included in each pack.

Also, there's now an ebook available with full crease patterns for each of the challenges and 25 alternate endings!


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Day 1: Cluster 6 Front

Today's tessellation focuses on the most basic twist available on triangle grids: closed triangle twists.

We'll use these twists in clusters of six, where each twist has two close neighbors and one far neighbor.

Download PDF

Day 2: Cluster 4 Front

Closed triangle twists aren't limited to clusters of six - today we'll use clusters of four instead!

Download PDF

Day 3: Cluster 6 Alternating

Today we're remixing day 1 and putting twists on the opposite side of their neighbors - and learning triangle wraps!

Download PDF

Day 4: Cluster 4 Alternating

Yesterday we remixed day 1, so today we'll give day 2 the same treatment!

Download PDF

Day 5: HT6 Closed Alternating

Hexagonal paper is made for hexagon twists - today we'll use the closed hexagon twist with closed triangles on the other side.

Download PDF

Day 6: Triangle Double-Bar Wells

Open hexagons and closed triangles may be the most versatile combination of twists ever. Today we'll alternate between these two twists on opposite sides of the paper.

Download PDF

Day 7: Shrinking Violet

Just because you started with a closed hexagon doesn't mean you have to keep using closed hexagons!

Download PDF

Day 8: Studded Wheels

Today we introduce open triangle twists, and continue yesterday's theme of using multiple types of hexagons in the same pattern.

Download PDF

Day 9: Radiant

Today we introduce closed rhombus twists. These twists will be present in either closed or open form in every day's tessellation from here on out.

Download PDF

Day 10: Dancing Ribbons

And now we start the same - but put the rhombi on the other side!

Download PDF

Day 11: Fairy Rings

Today we have a mashup of days 6 and 9, with an open hexagon in the middle surrounded by closed triangles and closed rhombi.

Download PDF

Day 12: Convergence

One of the great things about this arrangement of twists is the flexibility of twist choices - today we swap in open triangles instead of the closed ones from yesterday!

Download PDF

Day 13: Lens Stars

Lens Stars has been independently discovered many times, which makes sense since it's so appealing!

Download PDF

Day 14: Open Lens Stars

This arrangement of twists is less flexible than the arrangement in days 9-12, but we can still change the triangle twist if we shift the rhombi away from the hexagon.

Download PDF

Day 15: Open Saws

Today we'll learn the final twist used in Advent of Tess - open rhombi!

Download PDF

Day 16: Open Suns

Keep an eye on the techniques used in this tessellation - it's the closest we'll get to practice for day 25.

Download PDF

Day 17: Open Triangle Wheels

The density is increasing as we return to the HTRT tiling!

Download PDF

Day 18: CT Stars Gapped

Closed Triangle stars have multiple layering configurations, giving you more choice in the final appearance!

Download PDF

Day 19: CT Linked Flowers

Just like from day 9 to day 10, we'll bring the rhombi from the back to the front!

Download PDF

Day 20: OT Stars Gapped

If you can do it with closed triangles, why not with open triangles too?

Download PDF

Day 21: OT Linked Flowers

And we can bring those rhombi to the front side too! If you're looking for more of a challenge, try putting closed hexagons on the back in place of the rhombi. ;)

Download PDF

Day 22: Tight Flowers

Rhombi are two triangles put together, so why not use them here instead of triangles?

Download PDF

Day 23: Sunflowers

The density and tiling of day 17, with the twists of day 22 gets you day 23!

Download PDF

Day 24: Vortex

Here's a throwback to day 18, but with open rhombi and the opposite side considered "front" (at least by me ;) ).

Download PDF

Day 25: Just Rhombi Star

Last but certainly not least, we have Just Rhombi Star, a fitting challenge for Christmas Day!

Download PDF

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