Cut 5 Perfect Hexagons in Under a Minute

Without spending 20 minutes marking references first.


For when you:

  • Want to fold tessellations on hexagons without folding the references for each sheet individually
  • Want to use rotated grids to align your repeats with the edge of the paper - without interference from existing folds
  • Want to frame your tessellation so light can come through from either side
  • Want to save time and make hexagons fun again!

Submit your name and email to get my hexagon cutting and framing templates and instructions to use them

All The Files You Need To Order Laser-cut Hexagons

You don't need mad vector graphics skills to keep yourself supplied with acrylic hexagons for cutting and framing your origami tessellations - and you don't need to break the bank either.

In fact, I've already done the work of drawing and testing them for you!

I use these acrylic hexagons for many uses:

  • Cutting precise hexagons quickly without putting marks on the paper
  • Cutting multiple hexagons from the same piece of paper
  • Flattening my finished pieces
  • Framing my finished pieces

For framing, the holes in the corner of each hexagon are key - too small and the screw wouldn't fit, too large and the screw would fall through!

The acrylic thickness is another key variable - my recommended thickness in the instructions on the download page is stiff without being heavy, and works well with the recommended screws.

When you submit your info above, you'll get an email with a link to the download page, where I have detailed instructions on how to use these files to order your acrylic hexagons - and some tips on how to use them too.

You'll get template files for hexagons with edge lengths of 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 inches (7.6, 12.7, 15.2, 17.8, and 20.3 cm), which are perfectly suited to cut hexagons on everything from a 6 inch (15 cm) square to an 18 inch (45.7 cm) roll.

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