Learn Advanced Tessellation Design Techniques

Discover what's on the frontier of origami tessellation design and gain the tools, ideas, and skills to make original patterns of your own.

Prolific tessellation designers aren’t whiz kids doing crazy calculations - they’re tinkerers that play with twists and ideas.
Advanced Twist Techniques is all about sharing the latest twists and design ideas with you so that you can understand the latest patterns and design your own tessellations too.

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Playing around with new twists and new structures is how the most prolific tessellation designers find new patterns - and we will never find all of them.

  • Learn the deeper structure behind families of twists
  • Learn how two twists can be combined to make a hybrid twist
  • Learn what twists can handle multiple pleat depths and where they can be used
  • Learn a system for describing twists without vocabulary clashes
  • Learn how to modify twists to create a fresh look on simple patterns
  • Learn design equations for expanded symmetry patterns and how to plug twists into them

What you’ll get with Advanced Twist Techniques:

  • Recordings of the previous two sessions of ATT with ~12 hours of video that's never been posted anywhere else
  • Live lectures exploring twist modifications and two styles of tessellation design on Thursday, October 19th from 12-3:30 pm NY time
  • 2 office hour sessions on Oct 26th and Nov 2nd at noon NY time
  • Recordings of all lectures and office hours from the current session
  • An updated toolbox of twists you can use for your own patterns
  • 50+ crease patterns of example tessellations with photos and grid rotation recommendations included
  • Private Discord channels for ongoing discussion and support
  • Access to all future ATT events 
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What’s the schedule?

Advanced Twist Techniques 2023 is live on Zoom on Thursday, October 19th, starting at 12 pm EDT (New York time, GMT-4). Can’t make it then? The recordings will be posted promptly afterwards.

Here’s the itinerary:

  • 12:00 Twist Modifications
  • 13:00 Designing from the Inside Out
  • 14:00 Designing from the Outside In
  • 15:00 30 minutes Q+A


Office Hours will be with Madonna Yoder on Zoom on the two Thursdays following ATT, for one hour per session. They will be recorded and questions may be submitted in advance if you can’t attend.

  • Thursday, October 26th from 12-1 pm
  • Thursday, November 2nd from 12-1 pm


Will we be folding during ATT? What grids should I bring?

Since ATT is in a lecture format, you do not need to bring any grids.
However, there will be many examples of individual twists that you will want to fold from the recordings (both past and upcoming), so stockpiling a few 16-fold grids of each grid type is recommended.

I’m not sure I’m ready for advanced stuff - is this for me?

Whether you’ve worked through my Basic Twists series and are looking for more options to use or you’re just getting started it’s never a bad time to see what else is out there.

When I started designing tessellations I thought that in order to make new designs I had to make hard designs, but that’s just not true! Now I know that I can put easy pieces together in new ways and that makes new patterns too.

Advanced Twist Techniques does teach the hard stuff, but it also shows some easy ways to create many more patterns with just the simple twists.

What if I can’t fold from crease patterns?

While Advanced Twist Techniques is not focused on teaching how to fold from crease patterns, my recent YouTube series on advanced techniques has folding demonstrations of many of the twists and techniques taught inside of ATT.

Basic Twists Bootcamp and Tessellation Starter Sequence are my courses most geared towards learning to read crease patterns and many of my students have experienced huge improvements in their ability to fold from crease patterns by taking those courses.

How do I join?

Advanced Twist Techniques 2023 is a 3-hour live lecture-based event with two hours of interactive video support afterwards and unlimited access to a private community of fellow folders.

It has several books’ worth of patterns included (all the ones you’ve seen on this page and many more) and all the files you need to start drawing your own unique crease patterns.

You join once and then get access to past recordings and future events too!

Right now the price is Pay-What-You-Want starting at $15 and it'll go back up to $57 after the live event on October 19th.

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Are there refunds?

No. You get to choose the price and you get immediate access to last year’s recordings and many crease patterns. If you’d like a sample of my teaching style before you join ATT, check out my videos on advanced techniques here.

If you’re unsure whether ATT is right for you, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you right away. I want you to have a good experience with origami tessellations and I definitely don’t want you to get overwhelmed by going too deep too fast.

About Madonna Yoder

Madonna helps aspiring tessellation folders to deeply understand tessellations so they can fold from crease patterns, reverse engineer from photos, and even start designing their own tessellations. Unlike most origami instructors, she doesn't focus on individual designs but focuses on broader structures, theory, and skills instead so her students can start folding new designs with confidence and get the most out of any tessellation workshop they attend. Madonna is the animating force behind Gathering Folds, where she offers a range of paid courses on tessellations and a variety of free tessellation instruction and information on YouTube and Instagram.









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