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Get exactly the paper shapes needed (squares and hexagons) for Basic Twists Bootcamp, with 5 sheets per lesson of my favorite paper plus a bone folder - all for $50.

Packs ordered by Dec. 15 will arrive in time for Christmas in the USA - make sure to include full shipping information above.

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Basic Twists Bootcamp: Gift Edition

Do you know someone who would love to learn to fold origami tessellations?

Basic Twists Bootcamp can help them practice the eight foundational twists and learn to fold from crease patterns on their own.

Core Features:

  • 10 recorded folding workshops
  • Private community for questions and sharing
  • PDF crease patterns of all tessellations discussed
  • Monthly live office hours, with lifetime access to recordings

Bonus Features

  • 1-2 bonus crease patterns per lesson
  • Laser cutting template files for cutting hexagons and framing

They'll also get access to my Tessellation Foundations training all about grids and the nitty-gritty details of how to fold them.

If you have any questions about Basic Twists Bootcamp, I'd love to hear from you! Simply email me at [email protected] and I'll help you figure out if Basic Twists Bootcamp is right for your recipient.

To gift this course to someone else, please enter *your own* name and email in the checkout process, and you'll receive instructions on how to give the gift on the next screen and in an email. If you'd rather directly buy the course for them, you can do so here.


What my students have to say:

"I think this is a good opportunity to get a solid foundation in tessellations before trying other courses. The Advent of Tessellations as a good add-on to this. It helped put twists together but kept it simple enough to be able to do. I think it would be much harder to do Advent without the foundation from BTB."

How has BTB changed your folding skills?

"Twists are becoming clear"

"It made me more sure of what I was doing and how to find the next fold."

How has BTB changed how you use crease patterns?

"Getting grounded in the basics helped me figure out other problems I had with reading crease patterns."

"I can read them now."

Do you plan to revisit the BTB lessons in the future?

"I did so recently and folded several pieces again to practice them. And it was fun to see how much progress I've made! I thought some of these were SO HARD and now I can zip right through them."

"Often... I need to work through the sequence again."