Draw Your Crease Patterns in 20 Minutes or Less

Without drawing every single line or worrying about the background grid.


For when you:

  • Want to test your design without shredding a grid checking different spacings
  • Want to diagram your tessellation to teach a class or share it with the world
  • Want to plan a display piece with repeats aligned with the edges of the paper
  • Want to stop drawing grids over and over again 

Submit your name and email to get my building block and grid templates and instructions to use them

All The Tools You Need To Draw a Crease Pattern

These basic twist shapes and grid template files can get you started diagramming your own tessellations - even if your only vector graphics skills are drag and drop.

Each template file has a variety of useful features that I've refined over two years and 200+ diagrams, including separate layers for different types of information and a solid background so you can always export an image without surprises.

Files you'll get:

  1. Square grid building blocks
  2. Triangle grid building blocks
  3. Square grid diagram template
  4. Triangle grid diagram template on a hexagon
  5. Triangle grid diagram template on a square

When you submit your information in the form above, you'll get an email with a link to the download page so you can download these files onto your desktop or laptop - as many times as you want.

The download page also has text and video instructions to help you get the most out of your templates.

Get Your Templates